Cait’s Shack

We find Cait in the Combat Zone of Fallout 4. She is a slave and has to fight for the entertainment of Raiders. After we rescue her, we learn that she was not only a fighter, but also an addict. A nasty habit she took on to deal with her life as a slave. In Sanctuary she has a new home, where she does not need to fight. Regardless, fighting is a part of her.

Game: Fallout 4
Loci: 20

01: Combat zone sign
02: Kitchen Stove
03: Pans
04: Drink Cabinet
05: Liquor Sign
06: Couch
07: Fruit Bowl
08: Cups
09: Small Table
10: Cooler

11: Bath
12: Bedroom Window
13: Bedside Table
14: Bed
15: Weapon Rack
16: Shooting Targets
17: Training Dummy
18: Fitness Bench
19: Workbenches
20: Chairs

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