Sanctuary Gate

The bridge leading to sanctuary has been the main way into the town for over 200 years. The minutemen have restored it and placed a large gate at the end of it. Any raider gang trying to get into sanctuary will be up for a surprise.


Game: Fallout 4
Loci: 20

01: Bridge
02: Turrets
03: Guardposts
04: Garage Door
05: Staircase
06: Rifles
07: Kitchen

08: Armor Workbench
09: Tech Corner
10: Mininuke Launcher Shelf
11: Bookshelf
12: Couch
13: Ash Tray
14: Table
15: Chairs

16: Lasers
17: Ammunition Workbench
18: Weapons Workbench
19: Artillery
20: Minutemen Cannoneer

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