Minutemen – Sanctuary

The Minutemen settled in Sanctuary, and what used to be a ruined town is now a thriving settlement. With 20 different memory palaces inside it. Watch the video for a tour through the settlement, and look below for descriptions and links to the memory palaces. Every title of a finished palace links to a page where you can view the inside and the loci.

Due to lag and glitches in the game, the video shows a limited build. A lot of buildings have not been decorated, on both the inside and the outside. Therefor, it can be that the palaces you find when you click the links look alightly different from the ones on this page. Their place in sanctuary is the same though.

01. Sanctuary Gate.
The Sanctuary Gate is a 20-loci building that forms the entrance to Sanctuary.

02. School
The School is a 50-loci Memory Palace that houses the school and kindergarten.

03. Brahmin Barn
The Brahmin Barn is a 10-loci barn that houses the Santuary’s Brahmin.

04. Cait’s Shack
Cait’s Shack is a 20-loci house decorated to fit the game’s character Cait.

05. Valentine Detective Agency
The Valentine Detective Agency is a 45-loci home with a structured 5 loci per section.

06. Publick Occurences
Publick Occurences is a 45-loci home without a structure to the loci numbers.

07. Sanctuary Radio
Sanctuary Radio is a 40-loci memory palace with small, densely packed loci in a small space.

08. Commonwealth Museum
The Commonwealth Museum is a 110-loci building displaying most of commonwealth factions.

09. Residential Housing Unit A
Housing unit A is a 140-loci building with various differently themed rooms.

10. Factory
The Factory is a 85-loci building that mainly houses various workbenches.

11. Preston’s House
Preston’s house is a small 20-loci palace and home to Preston Garvey.

12. The General’s House
The General’s home is a 120-loci palace that is a reimagined version of the pre-war player home.

13. Residential Housing Unit B
Housing unit B is a 130-loci building with various differently themed rooms.

14. Residential Housing Unit C
Housing Unit C is the 70-loci living space for the officers that run teh Sanctuary Hub.

15. Minutemen Headquarters
The Minutemen need a center of logistics for the Sanctuary Hub, and that center is this 60-loci building.

16. Curie’s House and Laboratory
This house and laboratory is a small 30-loci building themed to fit Curie.

17. Residential Housing Unit D
Housing Unit D is an 18-loci residential, for those who stay in Sanctuary short term.

18. Santuary Public Market
The Market is a 103-loci palace that lacks any sort of pattern or order, just like a real marketplace.

19. Warehouse
A 65-loci palace full of various parts and materials.

20. Greenhouse
a small 20-loci greenhouse with distinguishable plants.

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