Publick Occurences

Piper is the journalist everyone knows from her newspaper: Publick Occurences. She started out by bringing news and theories about synths and the institute, but she has grown into a professional investigative journalist. Now with three printing presses, she spreads news faster than ever before. Her home is a bunch of collected things. Piper does not care about how it looks, as long as it is functional.

Publick Occurences is an irregular Memory Palace, meaning that there is no pattern in how many loci are present in every room, in contrast to the Valentine Detective Agency. This is done to fit the character of Piper, who is feisty and spontanious.

Game: Fallout 4
Loci: 45

01: Publick Occurences Sign
02: Newspaper Stand
03: Pile of newspapers
04: Printing press
05: Boxes

06: Locker
07: Coat rack
08: Minutemen Board
09: Fusion Cores
10: Bookshelf
11: Desk
12: Computer Terminal
13: Filing Cabinet

14: Chair
15: Table
16: Couch
17: Radio
18: Plant
19: Camera
20: Clock
21: Barricade
22: Bar Stools
23: Cat Feeding Bowls
24: Trash Can
25: Fridge
26: Kitchen counter

27: Laundry Basket
28: Vault Chest
29: Night stand
30: Bed
31: Dresser
32: Sink
33: Bottlecap Table
34: Long Dresser
35: Mr. Pebbles Poster
36: Nuka Girl Posters
37: Bed
38: Cabinet

39: Towel Rack
40: Bathtub
41: Shower
42: Toilet
43: Spare Printing Press Parts
44: Sink
45: Washer

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