Sanctuary Radio

The wasteland might look terrible, but they have radio. Sanctuary did not get left behind in that, and they got themselves a small radio shack from which music, messages and news gets spread through the commonwealth.

In this Memory Palace, I decided to make sure all loci are densely packed. You will mostly find small loci, some even being different parts of the same object or very similar to something else.

Game: Fallout 4
Loci: 40

01: Barbeque
02: Barrel Campfire
03: Satellite Dishes
04: Control Switch
05: Window Shutters
06: Lamp
07: Metal Boards
08: Plant
09: Spinning Satellite Dish
10: Tripod with Motor
11: Power Transformer
12: Ladder steps
13: Connector Pole
14: Broken Fence
15: Dead Tree

16: Bobblehead
17: Three Bobbleheads
18: Control Desk
19: Cigarette Packs
20: Ashtray
21: Cooler
22: Board Games
23: Nuka Cola
24: Control Boards
25: Minutemen Flags
26: Metal Crate
27: Robot Models
28: Meters
29: Switches
30: Battery

31: Vim Bottle
32: Dinner
33: Fan
34: Holotape
35: Drawer
36: Small Plant
37: Footlocker
38: Minutemen Board
39: Bed
40: Radio Poster

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