Valentine Detective Agency

Nick Valentine met the General in Diamond City, a moment from which the two visited many places and solved many crimes. Now Nick Valentine has settled in Sanctuary, the new capital of the commonwealth, where he continues to solve crimes with his assistant, Ellie. His home is simple and minimalistic, apart from the bottom floor which he uses as his agency.

The Valentine Detective Agency is an ordened Memory Palace with 5 loci per section, making it easy to know what number an exact image is. This matches Nick for being organised and structured.

Game: Fallout 4
Loci: 45

01: Valentine Detective Agency Sign
02: Wanted Posters
03: Railing
04: Roof
05: Large Tree
06: Filing Cabinets
07: Stairs
08: Books
09: Radio
10: Hubflower
11: Lamp
12: Computer Terminal
13: Plant
14: Safe
15: Flowers

16: Chair
17: Fan
18: Desk
19: Trash bin
20: Vegetable Garden
21: Fridge
22: Stove
23: Sink
24: Bottles
25: Counter

26: Ham Radio
27: Dresser
28: Mechanic Tools
29: Metal Crate
30: Worn-down Chair
31: Ash Tray
32: Candle
33: Table
34: Magazines
35: Couch

36: World Map
37: Large Safe
38: Washer
39: Ironing Board
40: Clean Clothes
41: Ellie’s Bed
42: Lamp
43: Dresser
44: Magazines
45: Nick’s Bed

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